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Thanks to @prettylifeco for the recent interview!!


Name, age, location where you live, location where you work or location of your clientele (ex online store targeting to women across the US) 

Lindsey Winick Foley, 44. Location, I live in the suburbs of Boston with my husband and two sons 8 and 13. My clients are all over the Metro Boston area. I have worked online with clients in other cities, but being there for my boys while they are still young and in school is very important to me so I try to work mom hours, but occasionally will take clients on nights and weekends if necessary.

How did you get into your line of business? 

I had done some assistant styling on photo shoots and worked in fashion both retail and corporate. As a new mom I was lucky I could freelance. Next I saw some girlfriends at a party who asked me to come help them with their closets 12 years ago! They were moms in Needham who liked my style, and it was serendipitis because I had thought about wanting to start my own business in Styling. My past career was photo shoot producing in Fashion, advertising, and PR and I did not want to go back to that demanding schedule. Luckily, my dream became a reality and I starting quickly getting busy by word of mouth and this was all before social media!

Would you say your business life and personal life are very intertwined, or do you keep a firm separation? 

I would say they are because many of my clients become good friends, but I try not to be so out there with my business if it’s no appropriate. I keep two social media accounts for that reason. So many moms combine them these days, I just thinks it better keep them separate not every one wants to see my kids playing hockey, or family vacas, etc! I also keep my styling account @lfpersonalstyle public, and my personal private.

What do you do outside of work for fun? 

When I’m not working I love to be with my family, watching movies or some fun Netflix show. I love exercising and try to at least 5-6 a week.  I love going out to dinner with friends, trying new restaurants, and traveling when I can make it work, and obviously shopping!!

How important is personal aesthetic to you? Would you say you have a distinct style? 

I always like to feel healthy and look my best, when going out or to events. I definitely like to have the perfect outfit, as I’m by best advertisement! Getting older is not easy so I do my best to try and take care of my skin with facials, good products, occasional Botox or laser. My style, is usually current with a little edge, I always shop high-low and do my best to make it work for my body type.



How does your physical aesthetic or style reflect your personality or emotions? Is this something you consider when choosing your wardrobe, home decor, or even activities you do for fun? 

Of course if I love my outfit then I’m usually happy and excited to out. If I’m not feeling well if affects my mood and I would rather be at home in my pjs!

What is your personal definition of pretty? 

My personal definition of pretty is someone who is happy, kind, asks questions, has confidence and style. Nothing I dislike more is having one sided conversations or people who are overly negative. I live in an affluent town most people are very blessed so it can be hard if people are not kind.

Is there anything that is NOT cosmetic or fashion related that makes you feel pretty? 

Sun, exercise, laughing with friends, being around my loved ones, and good food!

Do you think that your line of work makes others feel pretty? (Both physically or emotionally) 

By working closely with my clients, I always want them to leave happy and feel their best! Then in return it makes me happy and confident. I will do my best until I get that smile and satisfied client!

How do you see incorporating “pretty things” (physical items like makeup or clothing OR experiences like traveling or even having a glass of wine) helping you long term in business as well as your personal life? 

Of course I struggle and have over the years, but I’m open and honest and I believe this is what makes me a good stylist. I say I’m 50% therapist ,50% stylist, no one wants to work with an intimidating stylist. My clients want me to hear them and help whatever goal they have. I’m not always the perfect size as I would like to be and I still have breakouts etc. but since I’m almost 45 I’m trying to be at peace with my body and mind. I’m on social media but am trying to not be obsessed with it, I thinks it’s a different world now and you never can compete with everything out there, I just try to use it for work, inspiration, and keeping in touch with friends and family.


Saturday, May 21, 2016
By Lindsey W. Foley
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I just got back from Bermuda.  Ive been going for the past 20 years with my family. It truly is a special place. The colors are so inspiring. You cannot help but feel relaxed and refreshed. I wanted to share some pics with you. As well as some of my travel essentials. Happy Weekend! xo


Clockwise- Mar y Sol bag Caracas tote-ShopBop, Beauty Counter sunblock- great for sensitive skin and smells great, Sea Folly bikini great fit, and Mgemi  The Tela in orangina

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